Wednesday 31 October 2018

My Lead Gen Secret Non-Affiliate Review: Is It Over Hyped or Really Good?

I am not an affiliate for My Lead Gen Secret but I use them to bring in sales for a few of my affiliate offers and clients offers.

MyLeadGenSecret is building an army of affiliates. There are many affiliates already leading to tons of information which could be unfairly biased and one-sided. I don’t give rat’s behind about what affiliates think. I obviously don’t care what the folks at My Lead Gen Secret think either.

All I care about is that you make the right decisions.

This is a completely non-biased review. I am happy for you if you decide to use it. My intent is to tear it apart and build it back together so that you can make an informed decision.

If you’ve been around on the Internet and if you have anything to do with Internet marketing, digital marketing, or lead generation, you’d have heard of My Lead Gen Secret.

My Lead Gen Secret promises you leads generated from various lead partners, via full-fledged “sales funnels” on a daily basis.

A few more clicks here and there and you can contact these leads through a built-in autoresponder within no time.

Drag and drop. Just like that.

The MyLeadGenSecret package gives you all the bells and whistles needed to promote your offers in a simple yet effective backoffice.

The premise of MyLeadGenSecret is that you’d be able to share "permission based" leads with over a dozen of the Internet's top marketers.

The question is this: Would you be able to pull this off without MyLeadGenSecret? Is it hyped? Are there any alternatives to MyLeadGenSecret or is there a cheaper workaround to this instead of having to shell out a monthly fee?

Is MyLeadGenSecret Worth it?

The starting price for My Lead Gen Secret is $60 first month then just $30 per month after that.  

I have use My Lead Gen Secret for my clients before (and I still do) as well as for my own affiliate offers and so I am in the right position to tell you whether or not MyLeadGenSecret is perfect for you (or not).

You see, what you get with MyLeadGenSecret is this:

  • 100 "permission based" leads daily, shared between trusted lead partners.
  • MyLeadGenSecret has autoresponders (emails) features using which you can do lead nurturing. All the good stuff about automation is somewhat possible with MyLeadGenSecret.
  • You have a way to do A/B testing for every single offer you promote to your leads. Like do A/B testing for your main landing page, do A/B testing landing page #2 etc.
  • You can embed conversion tracking images in your mailings with MyLeadGenSecret.  After your leads signup, they can gain access to exclusive membership areas that you can create and maintain.
  • MyLeadGenSecret has integrations with Stripe and Paypal. This allows you to accept payments for your products, services, or membership when you contact your leads.
  • MyLeadGenSecret has features to allow you to recruit, manage, and pay affiliates for your own offers.
  • Obviously, you have all the metrics and analytics you need to review your campaigns, performance, conversions, and sales (on top of A/B testing results)

Total Cost: $30 per month (after $30 setup fee)

Remember that the $30 per month is only for the leads + mailer. You’d still have write the email ads to your leads or pay to have someone write them for you.  You also have to have a program to promote to the leads.  If not, you can also promote the MyLeadGenSecret affiliate program to the leads.  One of my clients is doing this and it is proving very profitable.

Let’s try a MyLeadGenSecret Workaround: 

  • Create Landing pages with Unbounce or Leadpages to collect leads with.
  • Build your sign up forms with Sumo. Plus, you could build all the landing pages, thank you pages, and other funnel pages using Unbounce ($79 per month). Unbounce allows you to have as many landing pages, funnel pages, and thank you pages as you need. Plus, it also comes with A/B testing. Did you also know that Unbounce happens to have the best drag-and-drop page builder engine in the world?
  • Promote your landing pages with blog posts (if you hire others to write for you)
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing (You’ll still need standalone email service providers such as Drip, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Campaign Monitor). If you have a huge list of subscribers (or multiple lists), your email marketing costs will make up for a sizable chunk of your budget.
  • Any amount of money you’d spend on paid traffic (including Native Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords).
  • Any other expenses for people, tools, or advertising that you might be spending on.
Total cost: $1000+

Lets face the facts.  Generating 100 leads per day that are of high quality will be enormously expensive to do on your own.  

What’s MyLeadGenSecret Really good for?

If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t like to spend large sums of money on advertising generating your own leads, doesn’t like to waste time building multiple pages, and want everything basic to happen from a single platform, MyLeadGenSecret is awesome for that.

If you don’t mind the recurring price tag, you’d be able to generate leads in a few minutes,  and even have marketing automation kicking off after your leads start coming through.

For serious business owners and marketers who don’t like the DIY approach, MyLeadGenSecret is really for you. If the thought of working with different platforms and tools only to stitch them all together is daunting for you, go for MyLeadGenSecret by all means.