Monday 2 November 2015

Boost My Online Biz: TRASH or the REAL DEAL?

My name is Denise, and I’ve been involved within the world of online marketing for quite some time now! Too long without success, one might say. 

I first got started in the mid-2000s as I tried to move away from the old-school ideas that I always tried to operate with and sell. From crazy ideas that never even soundest realistic to me right through to big, expensive membership schemes that only let me down.

Eventually I was pushed to try the Boost my Online Biz package by a friend who was apparently seeing good success with it. Unsure, I decided that the worst thing that could happen was that it would be another failure – so I got started, and I have to say that it was one of the most intelligent decisions that I have made over the years!

I’ll readily admit that I’m not pulling in anything like the $28,000/day advertised on the big sales page for BMOB; however, the potential is certainly there. My own limitations are what is holding me back more than the actual product, as it does a great job of delivering on everything that it actually says that it would.

So, what’s the verdict?

True To The Point

The thing that I loved most about this product when I first got started was that it felt true to what I was asking of it. Rather than being another dull and dubious marketing plan/ploy, it felt like something that just worked. I used the service that it provided without having to get some “life coach”/salesman to phone me and tell me how I need upsell X, Y and Z. I also never had to put up with the huge expenses that many of these companies can find to hit you with; this was extremely cost-effective.

So, the first thing that stood out to me was the fact that unlike many of its rivals out there, Boost my Online Biz is true to the point of the program. It gives me access to incredibly easy to use permission based optins that actually buy my affiliate offers and this service definitely helps me boost my business. My conversion rates have improved because of this, as has my traffic reports. Everything they said would happen has happened!

Boost My Online Biz has been very good keeping up the volume of permission based optins they promised and it’s much better than I am capable of achieving of my own.  I think it could go even further in terms of helping my business if I had the drive to get out there and really push the boundaries! As far as doing what it says, though, this is an excellent service that really does tick all the right boxes.

Simple To Use

Another big positive for me was just how easy this is to actually use. Since it breaks down the model of what you need to do into a low-cost alternative to many other “marketing tools” out there, this has done a huge number of changes to the way that I market my business. Now, it helps me decipher who is worth e-mailing and who is just a chancer; that might seem like a blunt way of putting it, but that’s how this works!

It breaks down all of the usual problems people can face when they are handling a project of this style, and ensures that you will have no problems in establishing this clearly and concisely. Since it more or less delivers email opt-in details for you on auto-pilot, my overall quality of client has improved far more than it had done even with my own attempts at being proactive and really pushing the boat out there.

It’s simplicity is one of its main strengths – no big tutorials to sit through, no required upsells and no sales guff. It just filters out all of the useless people who plague my e-mail lists, and helps me target the people who are genuinely interested in what I have to say and to offer.

Few other tools on the market were capable of doing this for me – given my own technical limitations, this certainly made a big difference in how I was able to prospect and profit.

A Working Solution

Put simply, Boost my Online Biz just works – I really do love it. It helps me get down to the serious stuff without having the usual experience you would need to profit in the way I have. In just 30 days, it has helped to transform the way that my business is perceived as well as the way that others have perceived it – it’s one of the most effective and simplistic solutions I have ever had the pleasure of coming across on the web.

It more or less takes care of all of the negative names on my list, and works to ensure that I can always stay relevant within my own little part of the internet. Now, I’m finding it easier than ever to hunt down people who genuinely are interested in what I want to do – and are more than happy to pay me for the privilege!

In that 30 day period, I have been able to really see a big difference in the operational quality and consistency of my business. Boost my Online Biz has done a great job of helping someone with limited technical knowledge transform their business and the way it operates online entirely.

The Verdict

My final verdict, then, would be that if you need help in working things like lead generation and weeding out the losers on your list, then this is the perfect place to start. Boost My Online Biz provides you with the leads and gives you a way to mail them for free.  I hate having my time wasted and sadly my own e-mail subscription lists were full of freebie hunters, so Boost my Online Biz has helped me combat this problem without any real hassles.

If this is how good it has been for the first 30 days, then I really cannot wait to see how this operates when I use it for much longer! Oh, and I almost forgot.  I found this Boost My Online Biz Forum thread very informative so give it a read when you have a chance :)